former pro wresler, former Minnesota Governor. Election in 1998 "shocked the world". Prone to inflated self-importance and hypocrisy as he blames media jackals for criticizing him one day and appears on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno the next.
aka The Body, The Mind
I'm going to vote for Jesse Ventura just so I can get one of those "My Governor can beat up your Governor bumper stickers." Screw voting for the best candidate.
by peaches406 March 16, 2004
Top Definition
A Bad Ass Son of a Gun who took Elisabeth Hasselbeck back to elementary school on The View and closed out his View appearance by stating "You give me 1 hour with Dick Cheney and I'll have him confessing to the Sharon Tate murder"
When I grow up I wanna be Jesse Ventura so that I kick some serious ass!!

Jesse Ventura will kick Chuck Norris'ass
by TucoPacifico May 18, 2009
Jesse Ventura, a libertarian, who loves personal freedom and liberty.

Jesse has balls so big that he is fighting the TSA in court.
Jesse Ventura has a TV show called Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura on TruTV.
by 2012endofworldtoscarepeople November 08, 2011
Jesse "The Half-Body" Ventura. This s in reference to Jesse's physique during his wrestling years. All upper-body no legs, a classic beginner boody builder mistake.
And in this corner, weighing in at 265lbs.. and sporting the dis-proportional upper torso, Jesse "The Half-Body" Ventura!!!
by TheRock April 12, 2005
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