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A beautiful girl with brown sunflower eyes. She is not your average girl. Contagious && social. Sarcastic && smart. There's just no other girl like her.
Jeska is his beautiful fiance.
by gjfkfghkf;lhkf;hkf October 26, 2008
A girl that is a jerk and her idea of fun could be putting putty in people’s hair, getting high with her dog, and throwing shoes at her cousins. At the same time she can be very nice, bake you cake, and greet you with the most beautiful smile you've ever seen.
"Man my date was crazy she was a jerk one second and the next she was an angel." "Oh don’t worry she is just a Jeska," said his friend.
by wardo3 May 15, 2009
A beautiful girl. Long brown hair, brown eyes. 5 foot 7 inches. A very pretty name. Variation of Jessica.
Jeska is the girl for me.
by Jeska Carlson September 02, 2008
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