Top Definition
A guy with a huge penis and is very good with girls.the life of the party and is rich.great in bed and will make you remember what happened.allround amazing guy and truley great at sports
Guy: did you see Jervon dunk!
Guy 2: yea i heard his vertical is like 42 inches
by Harryman762 February 06, 2014
A loyal to the heart black guy who knows how to lay it down in the bedroom
Jevon ; I need a JERVON in my life
by Leka January 31, 2016
Usually a black males name, means small penis is Somalian. Known for fucking white bitches, being afraid of Lizards and water, knows how to handle other people's cocks. Loves to be Jacked on. Gets nudes from the white girls he fucks.
1. "Get to the back of the bus, Jervon!"
by Jellytron February 06, 2014
1. a man who is small in stature

2.and is not very well endowed

3. with limited hang time
"look at that jervon'
by jervi November 21, 2011
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