A show that's actually really funny if you take time to watch a few episodes! I used to bash it to before I actually WATCHED it (wow what a concept), and now it's my favorite show.

If you're opened minded and can get past the guys calling ugly girls "grenades", excessive tanning, wifebeaters, and the super annoying "Stahp, Ron, Stahp!" then you're in for a really funny show with some of the funniest moments in television history.
jersey shore phrases:
"Aw yeah "insert anything here" yeah!"
"It's t-shirt tiiimeee! T-shirt time! T-shirt tiiimeee!"
"If she still plays/does ----, than she's too young for you bro!"
"Come at be bro!"
"I hate the ocean, it's all whale sperm. Everybody Google it, because that's why the water is salty, from the f*ckin' whale sperm."
"Standing in one corner, 4 foot 9, 2 inches w/the poof, 'Snooki' Polizzi... standing in the other corner at 322 lbs, the Staten Island Dump."
"I went to the doctor he told me you gotta stop drinking, stop doing drugs & stop havin' sex, ya know what I did? I switched f*ckin' doctors!"
by Shuxxa21 September 11, 2011
When you're on the beach bangin' doggie style. To complete the Jersey Shore, you have to wet your finger by sticking it in the girls mouth. Then you stick that finger into the sand; making sure you get a sand-covered finger. Finally, you jam that finger into her ass so she knows who you are.
Honey, last night was great. What made you give me The Jersey Shore?
by Big Dogg Cali October 02, 2006
Where people go to cheat on their boyfriends/girlfriends etc. A place of no moral grounding. It's not called a beach cause trash gets washed ashore. For example: Jersey Girls. To take part in the Jersey Shore experience pretend you can't read, get a jailhouse build, wear wifebeaters everyday, spend the off season in tanning salons, wear two pounds of gel in your hair, talk about how much you hate black people, but party to music created by black people, make sure you can borrow mommy/daddy's car, wear cheap jewelery. If confused, watch Growing up Gotti.
Duhhhhh, I'm going to the shore to get my std
by Matt February 07, 2005
Jersey Shore is a reality tv show on MTV with 8 guids from areas around New Jersey. The show takes place in Seaside Heights, which is the guido capital of the world. The show consists of the room mates going to clubs and getting pissed off at haters and other people that arent guidos (also haters) which is all understandable cause they are hatin. The guys in the house go out and fist pump all night and grind up on any girl in sight. The roomates work at a crappy tshirt store that prints gay ass designs on there shirts. Alot of the roomates complain a crap load but some are legit. But they all are guido americans who love and cherish there families Which is important to them.
Yo did you see Jersey Shore last night.

yea Snooki got rocked in the face.
by Woods the situation December 14, 2009
runs from ocean county, to long beach island, to cape may. AC, OC, WW, CM. it is a place that is very impossible to stay at becuz all of south jersey owns the shore houses. good place to find hot jersey girls during the summer. people also go there on memorial day weekenend and then someoone ends up getting jumped, drunk or dead from a gangfight.
Atlantic City sucks and Ocean City is the place to be.
by something March 23, 2005
A disgusting place full of disgusting people. Many people in eastern PA go there, only because it's so close, and then bitch constantly about how much they hate it. It is extremely crowded and there is no high-end luxurious place to stay. Often referred to as the opposite of the French Riviera or the worst beaches/shores in the world.
Where are you going this weekend?
Down the jersey shore.
That's awful, why?
Yeah I know, but we can't afford to go anywhere decent.
by ab49 October 07, 2005

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