A whore-able show on MTV. It is widely criticized for being terrible and having no plot whatsoever. On my T.V guide it is labled as a "reality" show, but I deny this because the only way this could be reality is if every sane person on this Earth with a gun was dead. I say this because any sane person with a gun would either:1-shoot themselves or 2-kill the entire cast of this mediocre-at-best show. This show is the only reason I think it's possible the world might end in 2012 (no god would allow it to continue), or there simply is no god. The show is also widely spoofed as "jersey whore" and is filled with mentally disabled Italian-Americans including a little orange thing named Snooki and a bunch of dumb losers pretending to have talent whilest wearing extreme amounts of "axe" and hair gel.
Pretentious douche-bag- Damn son! I was excited about gellin' up and gettin' ma tan on but "the shore" came on and I had to stop!
The ghost of Abraham Lincoln-(Shoots the asshole in the face and walks away)

witness-Pfft, jersey shore is still on?
by ieat TURTLES March 07, 2011
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definitely ONLY a term used by bennies... trash leaving, traffic jamming, loud, seaside-tony, not-LONO, bennies.
people who live here dont run around saying "we're going to the shore today." we already live there... so we go the BEACH.
i hate bennies.
Hey did you hear them dumb bennies say they're "going to the jersey shore today"?
by drdankness December 16, 2006
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The reason why the state of New Jersey is now the equivalent of Hell on Earth.
Person 1: You know I'm getting scared.

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: It's New Jersey. I think it's envading America with all those shows like Jersey Shore!

Person 2: No way! You're crazy!

Person: I've warned you!!!
by UTaH101 November 01, 2010
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NJ's coastline from Sandy Hook to Cape May.
Has lately gotten a bad rap because of MTV's fake, ridiculous show but aside from a handful of Seaside Guidos, has some of the nicest sandy beaches from Maine to the Carolinas.

Also, NJ has the most rigorous ocean water quality testing program in the nation and has the cleanest water in the mid Atlantic Region.

So if the Guido crowd is not for you but you still want to a great beach to take your family than check out:
-Sandy Hook
-Ocean Grove
-Avon by the Sea
-Belmar (weekdays)
-Seaside Park (Yeah Really)
-Island Beach
-Long Beach Island
-Stone harbor
-Cape May
The Jersey Shore: Now with less Guido!
by 07079 June 09, 2010
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The greatest place on earth; fuck the rest of the world who comes here in the summer, the jersey is the best place all fuckin year round
by Mitch Hedberg December 07, 2005
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a beach in new jersey filled with dead bodys, raidioactive water and hookers
uncle tony: so lewie did you enjoy the jersey shore this summa
lewie: yeah it was great, the wata grew back the toe u cut off when i didnt pay up and i even gotta beat some pussy new yorka with my louiville slugga
by uncle lenny March 30, 2007
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a term that only bennies use to describe the beaches/coastal area of new jersey. no one from the "jersey shore" actually calls it that. instead we say we are 'going to the beach'; not 'down the shore' or 'to the shore'.
Pennsylvanian/New Yorker/Northern New Jerseyan: Man, I love going to the Jersey Shore, but is it me, or is this traffic terrible?
Local: Learn how to drive you !@#$%^&* benny!
by seabee April 17, 2006
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