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The end of all civilization as we know it.
With the advent of the Jersey Shore on MTV, New Jerseyans have permanently secured their place as the laughing stock of this nation.
by dogsread31 January 02, 2011
154 96
A stupid, dumbass show where the only reason the people are famous is because the men have sex every five seconds and a girl named snooky shows her cunt to everyone, mounts them, then punches them.
Playgirl bunny 1 "Did you see what I did to all those chicks?"

Playgirl bunny 2 "Ya, you should be on the Jersey Shore you whore."
by Vagpire November 26, 2010
125 76
Quite possibly the worst show on air, The show cronicles the life of vapid air head, douchbags and every flavour of asshole from the scum barrel that is new jersey
Guy: I watched the jersey shore last night

Other Guy: That show sucks balls

Guy: It sure does
by Salamia sam i yam October 19, 2010
232 190
A small town in Central Pennsylvania, located between Lock Haven and State College. The name totally confuses Penn State students, particularly those from Philadelphia or South Jersey when they hear locals use the name, espescially in the context of agriculture, shuttered steel mills and abandoned cigar factories which is about all that's going on in that Jersy Shore.
Local: Ya dey usta run a bunch a rails otta dem still mills don Jersey Shore.
PSU kid: WTF?
by chimpsmirk December 23, 2009
209 167
a tv show you watch when you want to be thrown into a mental hospital.

the most fagtastic thing to hit tv.
Abby: Hey, Gina, why are you watching Jersey Shore?
Gina: My rent is overdue and I'm gonna get kicked out, I'm trying to get into a nice mental hospital.
abby: oh.
by fagomaniac July 19, 2011
77 48
(noun) 1. A bunch of steroid using testosterone junkies with small penises that think they are macho. 2. A group of preppy prissy princess bitches that want to fuck so bad that their legs are spread every day and their hours of operation are longer than the local convenience store.
Im going to go watch some Jersey Shore to laugh at rich sluts that think they are better than everyone else.
by _n0LAn_ January 07, 2011
88 64
a "reality" show on MTV that takes New Yorkers and puts them in New Jersey. because few people know or acknowledge the fact that they are from New York and not New Jersey, the are dubbed Jersians. These fake Jersians get drunk, wasted, and start fights all the time, which makes real Jersians look just as bad.
Idiot: Did you watch Jersey Shore last week? Snooki was soooo wasted!
Non-Idiot: I am not going to waste an hour of my precistious time on earth watching such bullshit that makes fun of my home state.
by Field Playa October 30, 2010
142 119