an awful show were everyone has disgusting fake tans.
twinkle twinkle little whore,
your at school not jersey shore,
you're a filthy orange mess,
now go find a longer dress....
by sdcfghjkl;lkj February 23, 2012
when a male unexpectedly hits a female extremely hard
Guiseppe jersey shored that bitch at the bar last night.
by bondzoo January 03, 2010
n. person with a hot body but a f***ed up face.
Look at that body! Too bad he's a Jersey Shore...
by d1mpc February 03, 2010
A touching scripted drama about three homosexual wannabe guidos, their hoes, and an escaped oompa-loompa nicknamed "Snooki", trying to go about their daily lives while coping with obvious severe mental retardation.
Regarded by many as total bullshit, because frankly, it is.
John: That episode of Jersey Shore was so moving....

Peter: What the hell are you talking about?

John: No, I mean it made me want to move as fare away from any TV and New Jersey as possible!
by Verandaguy March 28, 2011
The end of all civilization as we know it.
With the advent of the Jersey Shore on MTV, New Jerseyans have permanently secured their place as the laughing stock of this nation.
by dogsread31 January 02, 2011
A stupid, dumbass show where the only reason the people are famous is because the men have sex every five seconds and a girl named snooky shows her cunt to everyone, mounts them, then punches them.
Playgirl bunny 1 "Did you see what I did to all those chicks?"

Playgirl bunny 2 "Ya, you should be on the Jersey Shore you whore."
by Vagpire November 26, 2010
Quite possibly the worst show on air, The show cronicles the life of vapid air head, douchbags and every flavour of asshole from the scum barrel that is new jersey
Guy: I watched the jersey shore last night

Other Guy: That show sucks balls

Guy: It sure does
by Salamia sam i yam October 19, 2010

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