One's Name & Phone Number. As when a male is hitting on a female, asking for her 'digits.'
"Chicks givin' me they jersey, tha's they name and numba"
by Kim February 28, 2004
any person, place, thing, or event that is or was fun and that does not involve man love.
man that party was jersey, there was a lotta jLo booties and some kickin' tunes
by deeeVON January 29, 2004
Punk band from Burlington, Ontario (WHICH IS IN CANADA).
"Man, I love that song "'Generation Genocide'"
by Katrina December 06, 2003
synonym= jealous, hating on,
person 1: Damn that girl is fugly
person 2: Don't be jersey, she's hot
person 1: You are hella wrong
person 2: Dude, you need some haterade
by elanor the avenger January 21, 2005
1. Word replacing thankyou, thanks, cheers etc.
2. word replacing goodbye, later, greetings.
"i got you a drink"

"jersey for bring that over"
by LEM Chino April 17, 2005
a person from new jersey, male or female, usually fat, can survive solely off of ranch dressing.
Hey Jersey, would you like some lettuce with that dressing, maybe some carrots?
by backseatabortion July 30, 2006
Better known as the Armpit of the world.
John: Wheeww! What the hell is that smell?

(Passes a Welcome to New Jersey sign)

Friend: Armpit of the world, man.
by RealDuffy July 23, 2005

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