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A very small state that is located within the New Jersey and Garden State Turnpikes.
Man: I'm from Jersey.

Man2: Oh yourh from Joise, what exit?
by tribal36 June 09, 2009
4 33
1) an up-north, jorts wearing homosexual who is known to invite himself into your house and stay for many days, eating all your food. 2) A womanizing son of a bitch, who always has to one up you with anything you say. Cocky for no reason what so ever, and has had sex with "10, 11, and 13" girls. Be careful when meeting one of these jerseys, look for a doug funny like character with a fake northern accent who doesnt know shit about anything. 3) The thin brown stain you get in ur underwear after scratching your ass continuously throughout the day.
"That Jersey fucker spilt choclate milk all in my fucking car"
"Dude, lock the door so jersey doesnt come in again and use all our toilet paper!"
"I forgot to wipe my ass earlier and now my ass itches. I'm gonna have a huge jersey by the end of the day."
"Quit being a fucking jersey."
"Thank God Jersey is in Spain for a year!"
by Thomas Edison May 19, 2007
18 66
Look, the real Jersey is a small island off the North West coast of France with a population of 90,000, approx. half of which are drug smugglers, tax evaders and inbreds, and the other half...well, thats why we live in other parts of the globe, e.g. New Zealand. Right on.
Drink Mary-Ann Bitter! I'm not bitter. i just cant stand the place.
by The Islander formerly known as Fi February 01, 2004
42 90
The left side of the triangle of bowling pins (i.e. pins 1, 2, 4, and 7). Generally applicable only when bowling in New York. Synonymous with Brooklyn, if one is bowling in Manhattan.
Shit, I hit it Jersey again!
by Funkdubious January 19, 2004
17 66
it may suck to sum people livin here maybe because....they aint hood....dey get G-checked erryday...they get jumped...they white in the wrong hood...or the niggaz just dont gotta life....hate it or Love NJ iz on top..wurd up..JERZEE whea u at...hoLLa atcha boy earlyyyy!!!
big upz to Philly,NY,NC,NC,CA,B-More,MA,FL,VA,H-townn errywhere eLse jusz rep yo hood 1
by Brayzii B May 07, 2005
62 113
also meaenin ur digits
yo mami let get ur jersey so me an u can kick it
by miss shyster November 19, 2006
5 57
One's Name & Phone Number. As when a male is hitting on a female, asking for her 'digits.'
"Chicks givin' me they jersey, tha's they name and numba"
by Kim February 28, 2004
18 71