Jersey is a state in the northeast united states that gets overly stereotyped. The people talk with pseudo-New York accents, but not everyone is obnoxious or a Guido, as TV makes it out to be. In fact, the guido crowd at seaside heights or belmar, is made up of mostly new yorkers and people from north jersey. Most people in central and southern nj, do not have fake tans and practice "GTL"
New jersey resident at seaside heights 1: Look at all those people with fake tans, they must be from staten island, they are so obnoxious.

New jersey resident at seaside heights 2: Yea i know, but people from out of state think that everyone in jersey is like that... idiots.
by titsmcgeeyawl August 15, 2011
To do something without any concern for anyone else.
(while driving) Yo, that asshole just jersey'd right in front of me, he almost just took me right out.
by nig5mcfucktard May 06, 2009
The hardest, most dangerous state, that also produces the best rap music in the country.
"Don't be coming to 'The Bricks' (Newark, NJ) without yo' tech-nine."
by Diego September 15, 2003
The Best State alive From north jersey to south A.C To Camden To Newark and jersey city You dont Rep Jersey Then SMD.
Also Known for one of the Best Club Music And Dancin FUCK Philly And Baltimore.We Out Chea Ock!
Person 1: You From Jersey?
Person 2: Yea Nigga Fuck You Mean
Person 1: Nothin bra chill
by OutCheaa June 13, 2013
The best state in the U.S
Home to one of the wealthiest towns in America, and is known for it's fantastic educational standings.
We know how to drive here in Jersey, tourists don't.
Be prepared to be flipped off and honked at 24/7.
In Jersey, we don't go to the motherfuckin' beach. We go down the shore.
by dirtyjerseykid March 06, 2008
In Jersey we have beautiful beaches, Victorian homes costing millions of dollars, a lot of conceited Wall Street moguls, and pizza and bagels that are the real deal. We have real estate prices and taxes through the roof and some of the best public schools around. The urban schools are some of the worst around too.

Jersey has Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and Debbie Harry too. We have all the fun of being in between NYC and Philly and if you grew up here you'd be loving all that culture too.
I'm from Jersey and get a lot of crap for it too. That's ok, just be careful cause you don't want me to go all Joisey on you.
by Jersey Grrrlll May 26, 2009
the shit stain in the underpants of america, it is worse than minnesota, wyoming and oklahoma combined, and thats bad nigga
Joe: Hey isnt that guy from jersey.
Pat:Yea he is, lets throw him into oncoming traffic
Joe:Fuck yea lets do it...fuck that nigga
Pat:Damn right...then lets go to roscoes chicken and waffles

(Fuck you Jon Stewart you cabbage eatin bastard. MD REPRESENTIN)
by Letmeholla January 24, 2009

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