Screwing a woman from behind while she is on her period, you pull out and put it in her ass. When you are ready to cum, you shoot it on her face. Your cock will look like NJ turnpike roadkill, and smell like the NJ turnpike with the window rolled down.
I picked this girl up at the bar and I gave her a jersey turnpike.
by Chuck Stallings January 11, 2008
When you combine the merits of the Jersey stranger with auto erotic asphyxiation. The definition comes from not being able to breath on the real Jersey turnpike. Gigity.
The other night I was giving myslelf a jersey turnpike and almost dropped the soap.
by Turd Ferguson, thats funny February 24, 2010
When fucking a girl, you pull out, take a quick turn and stick it in her ass.
She wouldnt let me put it in her ass, so i had to take the Jersey Turnpike
by RichardPorter May 24, 2006
This is when you place a funnel in another persons butt and you take a crap in the funnel.. I got tired of shitting on people so I decided to start shitting in them..
This Dick Head was such a punk, so I drugged him, found a funnel and gave him a Nasty Jersey Turnpike..
by Too Far January 30, 2007
A delicious shot, usually served after closing time. When cleaning up the bar, the contents of the rubber bar mat are poured into a shot glass (or glasses) and drunk in one gulp.
The alcoholic version of a graveyard.
Ah, you're out of money but if you have another shot you'll pass out and shut the f**k up? How about a jersey turnpike?
by Kapoleon October 13, 2004
when you shove a rapier called a turnpike up somones ass an old form of medevil tourtue
You can picture it yourself please
by flaming kitty March 23, 2005
This is when your fucking a girl doggie style and finger her asshole, then put that finger in her mouth and fishhook her.
I gave that whore from NJ a taste of home when I gave her a Jersey Turnpike
by Mongo February 02, 2005
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