This is when your fucking a girl doggie style and finger her asshole, then put that finger in her mouth and fishhook her.
I gave that whore from NJ a taste of home when I gave her a Jersey Turnpike
by Mongo February 02, 2005
Slutty dance made popular by Deena Nicole from Jersey Shore.
The instructions for the dance are as follows:

1. Bend over and place your manicured hands on the ground.

2. Make sure your butt is as high up in the air as it can be.

3. Grind up against a juicehead guido.

4. Bend your knees and yell "I'm a blast in a glass!"
1) The only dance that girl knows how to do is the Jersey Turnpike, she's so skanky.
by uyJDfajdfgkjgdf July 29, 2011
in bartending, it is the process of combining all of the alcoholic residue from the bar, cup mats, etc., into a pint glass and giving it to the drunk who keeps asking for more.
Man, I gave Bill a jersey turnpike. In two seconds, the asshole threw up a garden state.
by Tommy Boy March 06, 2005
A drink where the contents of a bar mat is dumped into a shot glass. Best right before last call
Tony was so drunk last night he actually downed a Turnpike. I puked watching it.
by Uncle Danny May 02, 2005
The Jersey Turnpike is a dance move practiced by the most famous Deena from MTVs Jersey Shore. It's when you're getting crazy and loud, fist in the air, bringing the house down, and you bend over to shove your ass into a male's crotch area multiple times in a row.
I was in the club, poppin' bottles when I suddenly felt the urge to do the Jersey Turnpike upon this hot guido juicehead.
by ~*~***~~*~rainbow unicorn*~*~* August 21, 2011
the act of hustling to the bathroom when one knows that another is on his/her way to use it themselves.
walt had to pee, but erin gave him the old jersey turnpike, and he had to wait for her to finish.
by yukonoclast April 16, 2010
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