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A very clear example of what we must not be, ever.
"That sounded so stupid it would be Jersey Shore appropriate"
by aidden November 11, 2012
1.) A "reality" show packed to the brim with pimps, trophy wives, and bimbos with obnoxiously fake tans.

2.) shit

Dave: H4v3 juh s33n d4 l4t3st 3p1s0de of J01sey Shore?
Steve: Shoot me...


The dog took a Jersey Shore in the kitchen
by InvisibleWater October 12, 2012
The reason my generation's filled with so many morons.
No examples needed when society's fucked. Thank you Jersey Shore!
by IAmLadyFox August 11, 2011
Although television is relatively stupid in general, most shows were still too classy, elegant, and intelligent for some people to watch. A TV network that "relates greatly to music" had decided to create a stereotypical show that only people with low intelligent could watch. This show has no real point other than to show people with so much tan that they look like an ugly traffic cone get into fights. The general audience of this show include: Stoners, Pregnant Teenagers, Dumb Blondes, Douchebags, and arrogant morons. Anyone with a reasonable mind and a small trace of sanity would be able to identify that this show is a bundle of crap and insults the entire country.
Jersey Whore Fan: "Yo man, you wanna watch Jersey Shore?"

Me: "No thanks, I would rather watch something more entertaining, like paint drying."
by Jag140 August 05, 2011
The reason god is mad at us.
Yeah! Maybe we'll end up on the Jersey shore!
by SpitShine Tommy May 17, 2011
Jersey has no beaches. Just the shore
by M-easy July 05, 2003
a product of the what has become the shittiest corporation in America, MTV, that depicts all the worst qualities of our Society.
guy: Jersey Shore is the opposite of everything i stand for and value.

Other guy: Yeah, that show is an abomination of the human race.
by pjten315 September 28, 2011