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Jersey Shore is complete shit.
by Michael Douglas & Sons & Sons April 20, 2011
The dumbest show on MTV, if not ever made. All you'll see here is a buch of Guineas going to clubs, getting in fights, and fist pumping (the dumbest looking thing we ever saw).
Man 1: Did you see Jersey Shore yet?
Man 2: Yeah. It's awesome isn't it?
Man 1: Yeah; watching Italians in clubs is SOOOO fun =/
by Movie And Game Reviewers June 01, 2010
Popular term used to describe the Atlantic Ocean coastline of the State of New Jersey in the United States. New Jersey natives who are planning to go to the area often say they are going "down the shore". The term "Jersey Shore" is often shortened to simply "The Shore" by natives of New Jersey (just as the name of the state is sometimes shortened to just Jersey). The Jersey Shore is composed of the coastal communities of (from north to south) Monmouth, Ocean, Atlantic and Cape May counties. Though the city of Cape May has been a summer retreat since the 1760's, the Jersey Shore did not become a truly popular summer resort area until the mid-19th century, when railroads made it relatively easy for people to travel to the region. Summer tourism accounts for a large percentage of the economies of the four Jersey Shore counties, especially in Atlantic (home of Atlantic City) and Cape May counties (Cape May County's economy is almost entirely dependent on tourism). Jersey Shore locals sometimes refer to summer tourists as bennies (most often heard in Monmouth and Ocean counties) or shoobies (generally used in Atlantic and Cape May counties). Visitors to the Jersey Shore often ask why the region is called "shore" and not "beach." The truth is, nobody knows.

See also New Jersey, Jersey, South Jersey, North Jersey, Sopranoland, Atlantic City, A.C., Exit Zero, bennies, shoobies, gunderson, Wally and Marge.
People from across the United States enjoy spending part of their summer at the Jersey Shore.
by Led Zeppole December 29, 2003
an awful show were everyone has disgusting fake tans.
twinkle twinkle little whore,
your at school not jersey shore,
you're a filthy orange mess,
now go find a longer dress....
by sdcfghjkl;lkj February 23, 2012
when a male unexpectedly hits a female extremely hard
Guiseppe jersey shored that bitch at the bar last night.
by bondzoo January 03, 2010
n. person with a hot body but a f***ed up face.
Look at that body! Too bad he's a Jersey Shore...
by d1mpc February 03, 2010
A touching scripted drama about three homosexual wannabe guidos, their hoes, and an escaped oompa-loompa nicknamed "Snooki", trying to go about their daily lives while coping with obvious severe mental retardation.
Regarded by many as total bullshit, because frankly, it is.
John: That episode of Jersey Shore was so moving....

Peter: What the hell are you talking about?

John: No, I mean it made me want to move as fare away from any TV and New Jersey as possible!
by Verandaguy March 28, 2011