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A North Jerseyan's that heads down to South Jersey beginning Memorial Day Weekend and ending roughly Labor Day Weekend. A typical jersey scum can range from the ages of 15 to late 30's. Jersey Scum characteristics are as follows: a person that drinks in excessive amount, is in search for a fight, a frequent drug user, a sex addict, a "Guido", a gang member, anyone whom enters the Seaside Heights Boardwalk with a Weapon of Choice preferably a knife or brass knuckles. to Locate a Jersey Scum just stand on a street corner of the Jersey shore at anytime of day but primarily in the late night hours when they are being arrest and/or thrown out of a club. The main purpose of a Jersey Scum is to Get drunk and high start a fight and have sex with multiple people all in one night at the jersey shore
I was walking on the boardwalk and i got threaten by a jersey scum, he pulled a knife out on me.

Jake is such a jersey Scum he kicked down his own hotel room door because he was drunk and violent
by jerseys finest scum May 25, 2009
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