A sexual act originating in New Jersey in which the giver defecates in his/her hands. He/she then proceeds to rub said shit all over the recipient's breasts in a vigorous, circular motion. The giver then adds the finishing touch of a smooth, creamy cum concoction to the rich, dutch cacao. The ingredients are swirled and mixed together once more, creating a most delicate medley of sinfully rich flavors and leaving wide grins on both partners' faces.
Vinny: Ay yo, Steffie's been acting like a fuckin' bitch all day.
Joey: I've got just the remedy.
Vinny: What?
Joey: Bitch needs a nice jersey milkshake!
Vinny: Ay!
-Fist pumps all around-
by boobletits May 03, 2010

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