The comical creature who looks in people's windows at night, and causes havic with piercing screams. Only the coolest paranormal being ever. He has wings, four legs, glowing red eyes and is said to look like a cross between a kanagroo, dog, bat and dragon. There have been many sightings, but the most recorded in a short time was during the week of January 16-23, 1909. Tracks leading to no where, bloody chickens and hellish screams are said to come from him. Many are scared of him but some accounts are quite humorous; one says that he "did a little jig on the fence and flew off;" another says he sits by the water and waits for sinking ships to laugh at. It's said that he was the 13th child of Mrs. Leeds, who lived in the Pine Barrens forest. It was stormy outside that night and when she went into labor she screamed "let this be a devil!" and the child transformed into a being with wings and a tail and flew out of the chimney. When something goes wrong, like a calf is missing or if there's a bad drought, some blame the little devil. He still haunts the woods to this very day...
The Jersey Devil hopped on the fence, did a little jig and took flight.
by Lily April 02, 2005
Top Definition
A little four foot tall winged-horse monster that inhabits the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey. Allegedly it was born as a demon child of a Puritan mother in the 1700's, but many myths surround its origin. There have been various sightings over the past 200 years, and one group of sightings put New Jersey into a state-wide security alert. The Devil is known for its blood red eyes and chilling high pitched shreik. The little monster will attack and eat animals ranging from house cats to small deer, and it likes to spook stranded tourists by jumping on the hoods of their cars. It is also the official namesake of the Jersey Devils hockey team
Contact the New Jersey Pine Barrens homepage for Devil Hunts
by Vincent January 31, 2005
Jersey Devil: (n)

1. A monster with hooves and horns who occupys new jersey. The jersey devil tends to suck the resources out of everyone/thing around it, leaving its victims dry husks of hopelessness. It particularly enjoys harassing children and those who teach
2. Chris Christie
"Did you hear that Christie's slahsing the school budget and a bunch of teachers are going to get fired instead of the useless supervisors?"
"Yeah, that guy's the Jersey Devil."
by vball1346 May 23, 2010
An old legend that dates back to colonial times about a woman who gave birth to some kind of demonic creature. This creature was supposedly born in what is now Atlantic County, New Jersey, in a forest known as the Pine Barrens. To this day, the Pine Barrens still covers much of South Jersey, and over the years, a veriety of tales have been told about sitings of the Jersey Devil. Of course, most of these sitings were reported by good old folks who lived on the backroads, a.k.a. pineys, and of course there were never any other whitnesses. New Jersey's NHL team was named after this legend.
"You're never gonna belive this, Jim, but I saw the Jersey Devil last night. It was about 3am, I just left the Blue Marlin, I was drivin down Pitney Road, an there were these glowing red eyes comin out of the fuckin woods. It was this shadowy figure and it ran accross the road right in front of my truck and back into the woods. I swear on my life it was the fuckin Jersey Devil."

"Oh yeah? How many drinks did you have at the Marlin?"
by Mr. Ferrari July 25, 2009
This is when you have a woman perform fellatio after having intercourse during her period.
I gave her the Jersey Devil. Did you give her the Jersey Devil?
by Manolo973 October 25, 2010
a mythical beast from jersey, about 4 foot tall and eats small animals.
dude i think snooki is the jersey devil!!!
by holyshit!!!!!!!! January 01, 2011
A Small 4 foot tall dragon the surprisingly looks like snooki
dude I saw the Beast and I SWEAR I saw the same thing on Jersey shore last night It must have been the Jersey devil
by Jimbobjoe March 22, 2012
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