Someone who dislikes Teletubbies, for their supposed gayness, also someone who has seriouisly fucked religious/political policies.
TINKY WINKY!! Quick Robertson! Get the shotgun!
by ty J July 10, 2004
A man who will be surely missed by ALL of the loony toons.
Jerry falwell died on Nay 15, 2007 after chocking on one too many peices of bullshit. May he rest in peice.
by Nick Ulanowski May 16, 2007
Founder in 1970 of the religious pressure group "Moral Majority". Deceased at the age of 73, Jerry Falwell was against abortion, feminism, and homosexuality. Which stands to reason, seeing as how he would never have to experience the pain of child birth, being a man and all. He deemed it impossible to put himself in the shoes of an underage teenage girl who was raped and thought it necessary to have the child brought into a world of crime and disease. Into a world that it never asked to be brought into. Jerry Falwell hated homosexuals, saying that God loves everybody but not them. He would rather take in someone who was truly sorry for murdering hundreds of people than someone who was in love with someone from the same sex. Sounds like quite the God I would want to worship, but thankfully I'm smart enough to know that there is no such thing as God. Feminism was another topic, because if a woman was allowed to speak up, Jerry Falwell was from a generation of alcoholic miners who beat their wives. Quite the winner.

In short, the world is a better place without this piece of shit still living and I laugh at his demise.
Random religious sheep: "Did you hear the news? Jerry Falwell is dead!"

Person with common sense: "I know, isn't it wonderful?!"
by qAaRoN May 22, 2007
as Christopher Hitchens put it nicely, "A conscious charlatan, vulgar bully and crook; lived by hatred of others, and prejeduce, and committed treason by saying the United States and it's civil society deserved the attacks on 9/11; Jerry Fallwell lived on superstition, bigotry, and hatred of others, dislike of people whose lives he knew nothing about, raised money from credulous organizations; made a career on superstition and hatred of others; if you have Falwell and enema he could be buried in a matchbox; I think it's a pity there isn't a hell for him to go to."
Jerry Falwell blamed the attacks on 9/11 on gays, femenists, and other people he disliked...
by The Prince of Prague June 16, 2007
See Also: The Good Year Blimp with a southern accent; Vague on eight of the Ten Commandments; Oliver North's bend-over buddy; Proud owner of several Swiss bank accounts; Jerry the Blob; Xenophobe; Persecutor; Book burning money worshiper; First against the wall when the revolution comes.
"It's time for the Old Time Persecution Hour with Jerry Falwell!"
by Carl J. Maltese May 06, 2007
Prominant Public face of the "Religious Right".

Jerry Falwell started the famous, "Moral Majority" which helped establish christianity as a political lobying group and helped get Regan, both Bushes, and many other politicians elected.

Founded Liberty University, the largest Christian University in the USA. Basically runns Lynchburg Virginia.

Jerry Falwells face frequents Crossfire, and Donehue as well as many other mediums such as Fox News, Daystar, and The Old time Gospel Hour. He's known all
around as the most outspoken and "on the wing" conservatives in America.

As only Christian on Television who is willing to say what nobody else has the gutts to, he getts alot of flack for saying alot of bold statements such as, "Mohamid was a Terrorist", and "911 happened becasue of the evils of America like sex on TV, abortion, and Homosexuality."

The terrorists bombed us because our society offends their sense of morality and it probably offends God too. Not because Jerry Falwell says you're going to Hell. And if you have a problem with him saying that, Either ignore it, because its not true, or if it is true, do something about it and turn to Jesus and stop your complaining. Like Jerry Falwell says, "None of you have to go to hell unless you put yourself there. Jesus is knocking on the door of your life. Won't you let him in?"
"The Decline of the male role in society can be narrowed down to two things. Sex on TV, and Internet Porn."

~Jerry Falwell
by Thomual October 07, 2005
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