the most amazing and funniest person ever
I just meet a Jerrod
by San111 May 31, 2010
Top Definition
The asshole with the heart of gold
"Wow that guy is such a Jerrod!"
by GiganticSlothRapist March 01, 2010
To reach a level of both physical and intellectual eroticism that it makes your body nearly immobile. Usually only experienced by those highly trained in tantra.
Wow...Have you ever experienced Jerrod?
by Turtle Shell February 04, 2010
The act of masturbating to porn while at your friends house. Usually performed with Kauffman's.
Kegan got really horny and went to Chris' house to pull a jerrod, but only got pimp slapped by Chris for trying to perform such an act.
by J-Kauff June 29, 2008
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