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jumping herpes, herpes capable of jumping from person to person.
don't get to close to her, you'll get jerpes
by Jason in Btown wisconsin February 03, 2010
Dude, it's like Herpes....but like WAY worse....and James has it.

You definitely don't want it.
That's not a cold've got Jerpes.
by The One-Armed Man August 13, 2004
Short for "joint herpes," which is herpes that you get from sharing a joint or a blunt.
Don't share joints/blunts unless you wanna get jerpes.

Dude. Jesse gave me jerpes.
by metalhead666 September 18, 2009
Herpes, but it goes to the synagogue on Sunday. Can be obtained through the "herpes hands" or touching a Jew.
Troy, your Jewish Jew-fro'd ass has JERPES
by LiarBoat May 25, 2010
It's like herpes, but of the jewish variety.
Schwedy: "Yo D-man, did you hear what our jew lover roomate just found out?"
D-man: "What, that his jew girlfriend is going to have his tay-sachs baby?"
Schwedy: "No, virgin boy. He got the jerpes!"
by atizzle February 11, 2008
Herpes, but the kind Jimmy Urine of MSI has, which makes them less scary then Herpes and makes them fun...
Girl 1-holy hell i can't wait to see Jimmi at the MSI show, if yah catch my drift!
Girl 2- ew but he has Herpes!
Girl 1- no he has Jerpes, it's differnt!!!
by I have pie for you too. July 27, 2008
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