means clothes on a horny person from aberlour
robin ypu bitch why arnt you wearing any jeromes
by albert james grant February 13, 2005
Jerome is a secret derogatory term for black people.
I was at the movies the other day and these Jeromes wouldn't stop talking.
nigger ninja canadian spook
by abunker1968 November 29, 2015
A faggoty french name, usually someone who fingerbangs himself.
I heard Jérôme doesn't jerk off, instead, he fingerbangs himself.
When Jérôme takes a shower, he cleans his ass by fingerbanging himself.
by Fingerbang Jerome August 10, 2015
A violent troll like creature, he likes to cum on guys faces at sleepovers and do dirty things with them. He is very ugly in appearance he looks like a black fat Santa Claus. If you ever see him in person he will probably hit you or start an argument with you.
Person 1: "Hey did you see Jerome yesterday?"
Person 2: "Yeah I tried to be friends with him but he hit me, & cummed in my face afterwards."
by SexuallyConfused December 10, 2012
The typical male porn star. Jerome usually always is bald/shaved, no pubic hair, a large penis, ripped with abs, covered in tattoos, has an earring, wears a gold chain, wears an expensive watch, and has a gold ring on his right hand (for fingering). In every porn, you will most likely find a Jerome. When in public he wears extremely vintage wash extra relaxed jeans with a plain white tank top. He wears running shoes or open toed sandals, along with his usual porn bling.
In every damn porn you always see a Jerome.

I hate seeing a Jerome in every porn I watch.

I saw a Jerome the other day fucking the crap out of that sister's nunt.

You will always see a Jerome, no matter where you watch.
by justakid12 March 16, 2011
A middle-aged black male who has a penacht for unprotected sex with out of shape white women while screaming at the top of his lungs during orgasm.

A semi-famous black male porn star also goes by the same name. Can be found online by googling the phrase "black man can't handle the pussy."
"Jerome groaned in supreme agony as he bleched rope after rope of his sloppy goo-nuts into a white women's uprotected cooch."
by SxAxM April 26, 2008
an aboriginal enjoys the occasional drop of blood. really enjoys eating coon cheese. talks like kermit the frog.
you are such a jezza. nickname Jezzy Wezzy (jerome)
by Jezzy Wezzy 6969 September 03, 2009
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