A person used to make up a sexual threesome. also see fuck buddy, Ashley Cole, Spit roast

The name used by professional footballers when checking into a Travel Inns and simular hotels to have group sex with each other.

Anon: " The battery on my mobiles gone flat, can I borrow yours Jermaine? "
Jermaine: " Yeah its next to the ky Ashley "

Anon: " Fucking hell Jermaine you've got spunk in my eye again don't you realise how much it stings "
Jermaine: " sorry Ashley "
by Rob St Evenage March 06, 2008
Top Definition
1. One who is blessed with exceptional looks, talent, and love making ability.

2. To have a large tool.

3. To be seen as perfect.

4. Not an average black person.
1. Wow look at that great guy he is perfect in every way his name must be Jermaine.

2. Girl 1: "wow I had the best sex last night"
Girl 2: "really you are so lucky"
Girl 1: "I was suprised until he told me his name was JERMAINE"
Girl 2: "wow i need a JERMAINE in my life.
by gtj1982 December 07, 2007
A great soccer player. Reminiscent of Santiago from the movie GOAL!
Jermaine walked down jew lane kicking his soccer ball like Santiago. Its a bird its a plane its Jeeeermaine!
by Janelllllllllllle March 09, 2007
Rhyming slang for "Definately" or "Defo" for short. It comes from the name of the England football player, Jermaine Defoe. This is because of his second name sounding like the word "defo."
Wow that Amanda Holden is a M.I.L.F


Oh and btw, are you coming to play fotball on saturday

Jermaine mate
by xndrh1 May 17, 2010
To be used as a substitute for the word 'definitely'.

Derived from the pint-sized footballing upstart that is Jermaine Defoe.

Jermaine Defoe..........Defo............Definitely
"Hey Oli, do you fancy going down to Infernos tonight and picking up some slags?"

by The A-Rod August 03, 2009
Of german decent. Jermaine is a name used for great soccer players.
Jermaine and Santiango from the movie goal, play soccer.
by Dude07 March 09, 2007
Rhyming slang for defo, meaning yes or for sure, originating from the football player Jermaine Defoe.
Ben: Want to go to the pub?

Jack: Jermaine!
by jt55555 May 12, 2008
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