two guys that liked to make prank phone calls, there the reason why caller id was invented
caller: fuck you , you, bastard guy!!!
by JeVoNeR September 12, 2003
Top Definition
My heros. Johnny B. and Kamaal. I love you guys!!!!
Frank Rizzo, open yer fuckin' ears jackass!!
by MilkyLicker July 28, 2004
A duo from New York who achieved infamy by making several cd's that had recordings of many hilarious prank phone calls to unsuspecting victims.
Man, the Jerky Boys' prank calls are fucking hysterical!
by jizzcock June 23, 2003
Two funny ass guys with incredible voices that make kick ass prank calls!
Sol Rosenberg
by pro #1 August 06, 2003
The Jerky Boys; A snapperhead or rubberneck, one who make prank phone calls, one who jerks alot, a idiot, one does things without thinking
Watch the Jerky Boys Movie. This jerky boy thinks he can win a fight with me.
by vr5ken July 20, 2006
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