A new urban style of dancing. Mostly carried out at parties or shows in a "jerkin pit" or a "circle jerk". Can also be performed mostly anywhere. People have cited it as an urban version of a hardcore "moshpit".

The dance itself has multiple key dance moves such as;
"yo dude that dance is fuckin tight!"
"yeah ive seen that kid jerkin' for a few weeks now, its sick!"
by xCDx November 14, 2009
fun , exciting, fun, tyte!, poppin', ect.
dang! that party last night was jerkin'!
by AIOKI April 24, 2008
in relation to juke dancein
I was erkin it and jerkin it on the dance floor
by LiL J January 11, 2004
another term for a finnee african american male who is built rocking vans or nikes out in the streets lookin for honeys
Damn that boy is jerkinn.
by emishay June 23, 2009
awesome, cool, wanted by Jade
I love Kevin Clark, he's jerkin!
by Jade December 04, 2003
to play with someones head, or do something that others find hard to imagine. To pull someones leg.
other word:
dude, i jumped off my roof last night.
you're jerkin me, right??

man, sally is jerkin me around again.
by buggergirl June 26, 2005
A sleeveless jacket.
I cut off the sleeves to my jacket, which makes it a jerkin.
by Justin March 06, 2005

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