Sweeping dance craze like the twist, rap songs, media. Capitol is SoCali schools universities, UCLA
BB the Jerk Jerkin
UCLA Jerk Kings Jerkin

power rangers are Jerkin
by adam52 June 29, 2009
a form of dance originated in california but evolved from a dance from the east coast juke dancin n also looks alot like south floridas boppin, both of which have been out fa years, while jerkin just started in early 2009. It is not a nation wide phenomena over night b/c juke dancin n boppin have been out fa a minute, which jerkin has imitated wit their own style. It is minor footwork and bending at the knees. check out youtube bop wit it and jukin, you'll see that jerkin looks like a copied version.
"what was that dance at they was doin at the party last night?"
"It's called jerkin, but I think they copied the east coast and tried ta make it their own."
by jungleeyez369 June 24, 2009
a new dance style of 2009 that originated in california. the dance is still only done in california. the most popular song to "jerk" to is your a jerk by the new boyz.
people usually combine the reject dance (east side step), dippin, and the reject with it.

ps.... i can jerk! lol
keshia: "is there a party 2day? cuz i wanna jerk!"

devon: "yea there is one and dont worry there will be jerkin music there for u to jerk to."
by jerkingurl808 May 08, 2009
one of the best dances ever

see new boyz
they were jerkin to the left jerkin to the right
by kjsa December 12, 2009
Jerkin means hilarious , stupid , retarded, or crazy.
" Ay remember that one time when she threw up when she kissed him?" "Aw yeah! That was jerkin!!"
by jerkin September 04, 2009
A type of dance that got popular in Early 2009
Look at dat boy jerkin it.
by Black Oil April 20, 2009
A new dance in urban centers of Southern California involving jumping around to hip hop, using back peddling motions as you would on a bicycle, dipping down to the ground and jumping back up, and straining your knees so they roll inward like in the "tootsie roll." It has a few movements from the "Crip Walk" and several dances all rolled into the "Jerk."
That white boy was jerkin' like a goon.
by Jennifer Lawson Zepeda August 09, 2009

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