1. A common "comeback" from one who has been offended by a cunning and witty individual. The insulted feels it necessary to use this phrase as they are usually in the vacinity of the offenders face when they digging for a "comeback".
2. A dominating playa in the gaming world that seems to take joy in insulting others when they are getting man-handled by his weapon. It is usually a scene of carnage adding frustration to the victim of the jerkface.
1. "Jesus, I can't stand to be near you, YOU F***ING JERKFACE!!
2. "Nice hax jerkface, did you get those free with your new pink hand bag and lipstick."
by Playa-Hata January 01, 2005
calling somebody the coolest person ever and thus making oneself a loser
you're such a jerkface!
well thank you, don't be so hard on yourself
by mikeyiscoolerhanbeckie January 02, 2010
someone who does things wihtout thinkin on how it will effect others , someone who walks around known as a jerk , or someone that uses the word , but is one themself.
"maddy is a stupid bitch ass ho , a real fuckin jerk face"
by ~BurntThaHo~ December 28, 2005
slang term used by people when describing someone who has irritated them for a split moment of time. butthole aka. Brittany
Brittany from Morgan.
If you call me at 2, you will be a freakin' jerkface.jdiz
by vidstore January 03, 2008
To have the face of a jerk.
"Hey jerk face! You have the face of a jerk!"
by Leebf March 21, 2005
a person who is such a jerk, that you jerk in their face (hence the name); a jerk face is a jerk by serzcore standards
You're such a jerk face... I'm gonna jerk in your face.
by two spotter mgee October 28, 2003
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