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When you're working out and you get a hard-on so you jack off. After you cum, you clean yourself off and go back to working out.
"Hey Bro, I was halfway through gettin' swoll when a total babe walked by me."

"So what did you do?"

"I whipped out my raging hard cock and jerked out by the treadmills."

"Dude that's really messed up, I could never jerk out in public."
by DickSchnepp January 22, 2013
1. To masturbate in a strenuous way

2. A session of jerking off
I had such a good Jerk-Out yesterday, my girlfriend got naked on webcam & I produced a quart of semen.
by J-BAILS13 July 25, 2010
Excessive or prolonged masturbation to the extent that it becomes a form of working out. Usually this results in sore forearms.
I got a serious jerkout after watching Anal Masters six times in a row last night.
by TayRexz April 03, 2011
A jerkout comes in two varieties, pre and post jerkout. A pre jerkout refers to the act of masturbating before hitting the gym in order to get amped up. A post jerkout is when you choke the sheriff after the gym and is a vital part of the recovery process for your muscles.
Bro 1 - Hey I just bought this awesome pre workout from GNC you want to try it?
Bro 2- Nah man, I'm all set. I just had an awesome pre jerkout.
by ThatGuy915 December 17, 2013