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There was a groups of Jerks standing in front of Hollister at the mall.
by McSwaggerKills March 22, 2011
Combination of the two words JOCK and NERD to define someone who is not only extremely smart, but extremely sporty too.
You're a jock, but a nerd too, making you a jerk.
by stonaaar April 28, 2009
percocets, percs, slang for percocets because perc rhyms with jerk
you got those jerks?
crush em up then.
by matt buxx February 09, 2010
1. Someone who just doesn't let up. He/She keeps going and going and just doesn't get the message to shut up, cause the "joke" isn't funny anymore.

2. Someone who has no "off switch" or can't tell a story without taking 3 days to tell, when in the end it goes nowhere.
Jason: (tells an endless story that goes nowhere)
Jeff/Glenn: You're a f*&%ing JERK, Jason, shut up, you make no sense.
Jason: (then proceeds to bash mothers and spouses)
Glenn: Shoot this JERK!!!

by Sal Nichols October 30, 2006
A new popular dance sweeping the nation.
Usually skater-type boys and girls like to


they jerk in the vid.
by Starfish07 March 06, 2009
Act of sexually fulfilling yourself
fuk man i just had the best jerk!
by skatman July 29, 2003
a fly crew in souhterne cali called j.e.r.k.$
which stands for jerkin.errday.witta.real.kwazy.swagg!
Dam yall some jerks!
by jahalia April 15, 2008