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a jerk is a person who participates in the lifestyle of jerks.(jerking)
aye brah go see if he a jerk im trynna have a jerk off.
by September 09, 2009
4 9
foolish person.
sammy is such a JERK all he does is make fun of people.
by loyality July 31, 2009
3 8
A person (usually male) who is the very essence of evil. They swear most all the time and have barely any knowledge of the world or of how to behave in public. Rude to people who "are different". Girls are often times crazy over these kinds of people mostly because they think they can change them or that being with them will keep them from being jerks. These guys will make the girl they are with cry and just sit there and watch while the girl's little nerdy friend tried to make her feel better. They get away with all kinds of nonsense and pick on small children by throwing them into the wall for doing the same evil, horrible, wrong things to the jerk's "girlfriend" that he does to her everyday. Bad people.
Jerk- Hey babe, I'm gay just so you know.
Jerk's Girlfriend- *cries*
Jerk- HAHA so yeah man did you see that movie the other day?
Nerdy friend of Jerk's Girlfriend- Are you alright? I told you he was bad news.
Jerk's Girlfriend- *cries some more and makes nerdy friend sad*
Jerk's Girlfriend-I still love you even though it's obvious you don't care about me or how I feel.
by Youdon'tneedtoknowmyname June 12, 2009
8 13
someone who is very inconsiderate of people's feelings and calls people sand niggers
"that corey is such a JERK"
by amandaaaa July 12, 2006
18 23
verb. To refuse to pay someone pursuant to a prior agreement; to breach an oral or written contract; to withhold a payment promised upon completion of work.
Dude tried to jerk me on my 10% commission.
by Omar Alaadin March 02, 2008
6 12
A word that is typically used by pussies, women, and Tom Cruise.
Tom Cruise talking to the guy who just squirted water in his face: You''re a jerk.
by Theory's Apprentice July 02, 2006
42 48
There was a groups of Jerks standing in front of Hollister at the mall.
by McSwaggerKills March 22, 2011
0 7