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the most common form of dancing in school. To jerk you need skinny jeans, rhythm, and some kick-ass music. Some basic steps of jerking include the reject, and the stankyleg.
Guy 1: Damn, I hear music!
Guy 2: Kick ass, let's jerk!
by THE JERKER, THE LEGEND October 26, 2009
4 9
a jerk is a person who participates in the lifestyle of jerks.(jerking)
aye brah go see if he a jerk im trynna have a jerk off.
by luh.arab September 09, 2009
4 9
foolish person.
sammy is such a JERK all he does is make fun of people.
by loyality July 31, 2009
3 8
someone who is very inconsiderate of people's feelings and calls people sand niggers
"that corey is such a JERK"
by amandaaaa July 12, 2006
18 23
verb. To refuse to pay someone pursuant to a prior agreement; to breach an oral or written contract; to withhold a payment promised upon completion of work.
Dude tried to jerk me on my 10% commission.
by Omar Alaadin March 02, 2008
6 12
A word that is typically used by pussies, women, and Tom Cruise.
Tom Cruise talking to the guy who just squirted water in his face: You're...you're a jerk.
by Theory's Apprentice July 02, 2006
42 48
There was a groups of Jerks standing in front of Hollister at the mall.
by McSwaggerKills March 22, 2011
0 7