1) A person or thing who works at Disney World
2) A female who bothers you to hang out and then does not call
3) A monkey-faced poop head
4) A person that says they do not qualify as a jerk
5) Being or being closely associated to a LSU fan
6) A creature that is allergic to chicken and chicken products
She is such a jerk because she tells you one thing then does another
by pickle breath September 18, 2009
the most common form of dancing in school. To jerk you need skinny jeans, rhythm, and some kick-ass music. Some basic steps of jerking include the reject, and the stankyleg.
Guy 1: Damn, I hear music!
Guy 2: Kick ass, let's jerk!
by THE JERKER, THE LEGEND October 26, 2009
a jerk is a person who participates in the lifestyle of jerks.(jerking)
aye brah go see if he a jerk im trynna have a jerk off.
by luh.arab September 09, 2009
foolish person.
sammy is such a JERK all he does is make fun of people.
by loyality July 31, 2009
someone who is very inconsiderate of people's feelings and calls people sand niggers
"that corey is such a JERK"
by amandaaaa July 12, 2006
verb. To refuse to pay someone pursuant to a prior agreement; to breach an oral or written contract; to withhold a payment promised upon completion of work.
Dude tried to jerk me on my 10% commission.
by Omar Alaadin March 02, 2008
There was a groups of Jerks standing in front of Hollister at the mall.
by McSwaggerKills March 22, 2011

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