A person who takes great joy in being a royal pain in your ass for a reason of any sort.

More at: hilarious, schadenfreude


Capitalize and add exclamation point (multiple accepted) for emphasis.

The apostrophe should be mandatory but will be optional and used for special scenarios when the magnitude is too great for a simple capitalization.

Qualifying phrases ("You're such a..." or "You big...") are absolutely unnecessary for this one-word retort. Spacing is also key. Jer'k ALWAYS needs its own line. It's a loner.
When I login to instant messenger and log out in under 4 seconds after dropping a bomb on someone before they can respond, a typical response might be:

I hate when you do that!

by RonB June 02, 2005
A person, who wants to get his/her ass beaten by people, who dislike his arrogant, annoying, scum-like, self-centered bahavior. This person is sucking the life energy of this world along with the idiots out there, and he/she should belong in Hell, where Satan will rape he/she for eternity.
This jerk betrayed by friend by not helping him with his homework, after my friend got jumped by a bunch of idiots and got his bookbag stolen after fleeing.
by LeiSiuLung19 June 04, 2015
A Junior educated rich kid.
Man, that kid is such a jerk. I want to be in his family.
by SomeDudeIDunno2 November 21, 2012
JERK is what pre-teens say to mean someone is acting like a huge smart ass asshole

all in all JERK means Junior Educated Rich Kid
Jim;hey tom whats th 411 with today is our schedule a lil sketchy as usual
Tom;well yes our schedule is horable and the 411 is that theres a new kid in school his name Jonny he`s such a JERK
by spongebob luvn kid February 05, 2010
Junior Educated Rich Kid
Person 1: Yo, that dude's shit is tight.

Person 2: Hell yeah, he's a straight Jerk!

by Codine1984 August 24, 2009
A person (usually male) who is the very essence of evil. They swear most all the time and have barely any knowledge of the world or of how to behave in public. Rude to people who "are different". Girls are often times crazy over these kinds of people mostly because they think they can change them or that being with them will keep them from being jerks. These guys will make the girl they are with cry and just sit there and watch while the girl's little nerdy friend tried to make her feel better. They get away with all kinds of nonsense and pick on small children by throwing them into the wall for doing the same evil, horrible, wrong things to the jerk's "girlfriend" that he does to her everyday. Bad people.
Jerk- Hey babe, I'm gay just so you know.
Jerk's Girlfriend- *cries*
Jerk- HAHA so yeah man did you see that movie the other day?
Nerdy friend of Jerk's Girlfriend- Are you alright? I told you he was bad news.
Jerk's Girlfriend- *cries some more and makes nerdy friend sad*
Jerk's Girlfriend-I still love you even though it's obvious you don't care about me or how I feel.
by Youdon'tneedtoknowmyname June 12, 2009
1) A person or thing who works at Disney World
2) A female who bothers you to hang out and then does not call
3) A monkey-faced poop head
4) A person that says they do not qualify as a jerk
5) Being or being closely associated to a LSU fan
6) A creature that is allergic to chicken and chicken products
She is such a jerk because she tells you one thing then does another
by pickle breath September 18, 2009

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