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1. a mean person who you thought was a good friend but later turns their back on you
2. my terrible dance teacher who pretended to like me then stopped being so nice to me.
jerks like her shouldn't bother other people for crap
by no one you know cares August 24, 2008
Another definition for the word that people use for mean idiots.

Verb - To perform the dance style known as jerking, which involves such moves as the Stanky Leg, the Dip, and the Reject. This trend grew due to songs such as 'Teach Me How To Jerk' by The Pu$h and 'Your a Jerk' by New Boys.

Noun - One who performs this dance. Jerks typically have a high degree of swagger in their demeanor.
1) "Yo, can you teach me how to jerk?"

2) "Hey, check that kid's fresh Reject."
"Yeah, what a jerk."
by Mr. Misnomer May 07, 2009
Having a best friend and all they do is continually complain about you.
My best friend Britney Dee was being a jerk to me the other day.
by ADawg June 10, 2012
J.E.R.K stands for Jr. educated rich kid
non-J.E.R.K: i wish i was a J.E.R.K
by theman102 May 27, 2012
second derivative of velocity or derivative of acceleration.
1 find the jerk given an equation for velocity

2 A: Dude your a second derivative of velocity

B: Thanks I guess
Calculus students: *Laughing*
by cyberbullying December 01, 2011
A not so nice man:

1) for whom most girls would fall for, only to get used throughly and dumped quickly...
2) and by whom every other man will be stereotyped henceforth by these very girls.
Don't bother...he looks too nice to be a jerk!
by poovhenden January 28, 2011
what you say to people that don't wear sweater vests
Girl 1: "I own one!"

Girl 2: "I own one!"

Girl 1: "you don't own one!"

Both girls: "JERK!"
by Dr.Feldkircher March 13, 2010