Someone who drives around in a Vibe with signs on the floor that say "Watch your step", someone who hates canines, someone who is deathly afraid to be seen near an orb, someone who is a pumpkin pie hair cutta freak...
"Erin, the jerk store called...they're runnin' outta you!"
by The questionator April 25, 2007
a new style of dance and music hitting northern california and growing rapidly

the dance style is composed of three moves: dippin, jerkin, and "the reject". combined with some stylish hand and body movements, you can create your own style of jerkin!

the music to go along with jerkin can be anything that is energetic. some bands made songs just for the dance like

The Push-Teach Me How to Jerk and
New Boyz-You're a Jerk
"that guy can jerk soo good!"
"i know and check out those skinny jeans and nikes!!"
by J3RK-550 August 14, 2009
what you say to people that don't wear sweater vests
Girl 1: "I own one!"

Girl 2: "I own one!"

Girl 1: "you don't own one!"

Both girls: "JERK!"
by Dr.Feldkircher March 13, 2010
Is what Ry Bleckel is when you date him and text him ily. He'll get pissed and say that you don't have a right to tell him you love him because you barely know him. Even though you've known eachother for about a year and are actually in a relationship. Then believe it or not, he'll break up with you right after and block you on all social media accounts. All because of a text message "ily."
Ex-girlfriend: "Did you hear about what Ry did last night?"
Friend: "Yes! He is such a jerk."
by Hawaii.x.bae May 14, 2015
A new, upcoming, popular dance; mainly in Southern California.

Dance can be described as a repetitive and fast-moving.
Hey! Do you guys wanna jerk?!

This is a good jerking song!
by Kristine<3JustinBieber February 01, 2011
people who in rare cases, through no fault of their own, act harshly towards others because of the so called "evil gene".

for the rest of 99.99% its all about compensating for things past and present that happened/didin't happen...

commonly assosicated and charaterised as bullies who intend to cause harm to others to alleviate pain or to try and earn coercive respect through actions of evil
Lars: Can you please treat me with respect as i would, you

Jan: No way i will still tear you down irrespective of your feelings.. (i don't care if you percieve me as a jerk)

Lars: ok what if i be really nice to you and stay out of your way as best i can..

Jan: sorry f-wit i can't make that promise..

Lars: ill take that as a YES
by SEG_man April 10, 2009
A person (usually a guy) that leads another person on.
That kid Durante was a total jerk to her.
by Another Girl February 17, 2007
Adj. To take for a fool, to lie to someone, "pull the wool over someone's eyes" as in deceiving someone.
E.g. "He didn't tell me there was change left over - he 'jerked' me!"
The cop told the pickpocket "don't jerk me around, I saw you hand the wallet to your partner, who do you thing you're bullshitting don't play me!"
by Carlito'sWay December 13, 2010
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