Someone who drives around in a Vibe with signs on the floor that say "Watch your step", someone who hates canines, someone who is deathly afraid to be seen near an orb, someone who is a pumpkin pie hair cutta freak...
"Erin, the jerk store called...they're runnin' outta you!"
by The questionator April 25, 2007
1. Change in acceleration. Third derivative of a point (x,y) in a function.

2. One who acts in a manner that indicates believed superiority of all those around, esp. in an aggressive or hurtful manner. Usually associated with men, however, can be used to describe women too.
1. You feel jerk as you go from slowly accelerating in your car to accelerating at a higher rate. (note. acceleration is not velocity, it is rate of change of velocity)

2. That jerk just called me a jerk...
by R.Severance October 03, 2010
Jewish-Educated Rich Kid.

An alternative to JAP, for those of us who are sick of being mistaken for racists.
Rebecca wishes she was a J.E.R.K., but her Chanel sunglasses are totally fake.
by Danielle Berger October 16, 2006
1. An insult usually exercised by kids under the age of 8. Anyone who uses it over the age of 10 is probably socially awkward

2. to move suddenly, usually happens when you see something nasty or odd.

3. To masturbate or rub your penis in a rough, but pleasurable seductive fashion. The opposite sex can take part in it too making it feel 10 times better. Usually used in the context: jerk off.
1. "You're such a jerk Watson!"

2. He jerked back when he saw a picture of a vagina that was herpes-encrusted

3. His lady friend jerked him off real hard in his apartment, he moaned with pleasure as she caught his cum in her mouth.
by Double D1021 August 28, 2014
Having a best friend and all they do is continually complain about you.
My best friend Britney Dee was being a jerk to me the other day.
by ADawg June 10, 2012
Another definition for the word that people use for mean idiots.

Verb - To perform the dance style known as jerking, which involves such moves as the Stanky Leg, the Dip, and the Reject. This trend grew due to songs such as 'Teach Me How To Jerk' by The Pu$h and 'Your a Jerk' by New Boys.

Noun - One who performs this dance. Jerks typically have a high degree of swagger in their demeanor.
1) "Yo, can you teach me how to jerk?"

2) "Hey, check that kid's fresh Reject."
"Yeah, what a jerk."
by Mr. Misnomer May 07, 2009
second derivative of velocity or derivative of acceleration.
1 find the jerk given an equation for velocity

2 A: Dude your a second derivative of velocity

B: Thanks I guess
Calculus students: *Laughing*
by cyberbullying December 01, 2011
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