Someone who drives around in a Vibe with signs on the floor that say "Watch your step", someone who hates canines, someone who is deathly afraid to be seen near an orb, someone who is a pumpkin pie hair cutta freak...
"Erin, the jerk store called...they're runnin' outta you!"
by The questionator April 25, 2007
The derivative of acceleration. Also known as the third derivative of the position/time function.
The jerk is usually experienced by people when their car jolts forward. It is the change in acceleration as a function of time.
by randomguypopadopolous October 20, 2006
a person who is constantly mean, without always having bad intentions
Karen is a big jerk...the only thing she ever does is call me names!
by wenbinbin March 08, 2010
Douchebag:Hey,you're C.O.O.L.
Awesome:No,I'm a J.E.R.K.!
by waterdude125 March 14, 2011
A derogatory term that can be used in any situation and on anyone or anything.
"Dammit, Dan, you jerk. You say jerk so much that you are supersaturating it into everyday vocabulary so that it will soon lose all meaning."
by blank May 11, 2003
Someone who jerks( thedance) usually wears bright skinny jeans a flat bill hat and nikes,vans,supras etc.
John: man those kids are gettin off, the can jerk!!
Bob: yeah fool they be,
by xXJsadXx June 28, 2009
A not so nice man:

1) for whom most girls would fall for, only to get used throughly and dumped quickly...
2) and by whom every other man will be stereotyped henceforth by these very girls.
Don't bother...he looks too nice to be a jerk!
by poovhenden January 28, 2011
1. a mean person who you thought was a good friend but later turns their back on you
2. my terrible dance teacher who pretended to like me then stopped being so nice to me.
jerks like her shouldn't bother other people for crap
by no one you know cares August 24, 2008

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