Someone who drives around in a Vibe with signs on the floor that say "Watch your step", someone who hates canines, someone who is deathly afraid to be seen near an orb, someone who is a pumpkin pie hair cutta freak...
"Erin, the jerk store called...they're runnin' outta you!"
by The questionator April 25, 2007
A complete man whore who tries to steal other guy's girls by pretending to be a "nice guy" to them and feeding them lies. He tells them how much he likes them, gives them compliments and says he'll wait for them and something happens between them and their boyfriend. This guy tricks the girl into liking him, then when the girl begins to question which guy she truly has feelings for, the jerk stops talking to her and makes fun of her to his friends because the girl actually fell for it.
Kyle texted Beth everyday and told her how much he wanted to date her while Beth still had a boyfriend. Then, when Beth began to think she actually liked Kyle, he made it obvious that it was just a cruel joke. What a jerk!
by lalah January 06, 2009
Anyone who thinks they are better than everyone else. Arrogant, mean, coniving. Usually use people for no other reason than to hurt them, causing themselves joy.
The Varsity quarterback that intentionally trips the passing freshman is a real jerk.
by Rascy13 February 25, 2008
A guy who meets three or more of the following criteria:
-He has a submissive, ditzy girlfriend who is obsessed with him because he treats her like dirt
-He thinks he's the sexiest thing on the planet, and thus thinks anyone who is NOT "the sexiest thing on the planet" is his inferior
-Swear words make up a third of his vocabulary
-He is at the gym all the time, but he doesn't go there for excercise; he goes there to show off his "guns" to all the other gymgoers, who could really care less how much he can bench press
-He refers to himself in third person
-He took his facebook profile picture without a shirt on
-His idea of comedy is anything involving the word "dick"
-He thinks smoking, drinking, and/or doing drugs makes him even cooler
-He skips class all the time because he hates anything mentally challenging
-Someone else does his homework for him
-His group of friends consists solely of other jerks, because he thinks people who aren't jerks are nerds, and no one else wants to be his friend anyway
-The number of girls he is dating is higher than his IQ

In the following scenario, one of the individials is a jerk. See if you can spot which one.
Jake: Hey, Chad. I did your homework again, but you didn't show up for class... where were you?
Chad: Fuck that shit. The Chad went to the gym to show his sweet abs to all the bitches there. Later, dick-nerd. Heh heh... dick.
Jake: What a jerk...
by Enigmatical September 05, 2010
A popular dance originating in Los Angles C.A...also known as the reject/rejerk...

also a popular phrase used amongst teens in LA
Ay ma niggz that party was jerkin.

Do you jerk?
by Big Jerk April 16, 2009
your always there to back them up
but they're never there to back YOU up
the 7th grade SM boys
by ch0wstA May 21, 2004
A jerk is a guy who will treat a girl extremely well, until he has her right where he wants her then he drops her like a hot potatoe. and feels nothing. but since the guy is such a jerk, he comes back for more and the girl (being to sweet) takes him back and eventually gets dropped again. Also the jerk normally has very good looks, so it makes it so easy for him to hurt girls. because lets face it all women like a good looking man who will treat them like crap and then come back for more. every girls dream right?
(jerkk):Hey babe lets hang friday?
(Girl): Oh okayy:):)

(jerkk): hey babe uhh can we move our date to thursday?
(girl): yeahh sweetie:) why?
(Jerkk): Grandmorthers birthday:)
(girl) awww how sweet okay:)
(girl): hey you still up for tomorrow?
(jerkk): maybe..
(girl): what??
(jerkk) idk, i think im busy.
(girl)ohh....okay well whatever..
Three days later.
(jerkk) im sorry babe
(girl) ohhhhh its okay. And BTW i didnt know your grandmother was only 18!??? yeahhh "babe" found out about your little lie..grandmother? more like kegg party with all your friends. Nice. DONT EVER TRY WITH ME AGAIN!
by Honey:) June 18, 2010
a mean person. someone who makes you frustrated and angry. so you call the person who is mean a jerk
james was being such a jerk when we were fighting. therefore, i called him a jerk.
by ALI! January 02, 2006

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