Someone who drives around in a Vibe with signs on the floor that say "Watch your step", someone who hates canines, someone who is deathly afraid to be seen near an orb, someone who is a pumpkin pie hair cutta freak...
"Erin, the jerk store called...they're runnin' outta you!"
by The questionator April 25, 2007
N: One who jerks
V: To sexually please your self
You jerk!
by Bladder Aches November 10, 2003
A slang adjective used to describe someone or something that is almost completely retarded or has no functional value.
There is no way im going to watch the The Grudge 2. The first one was fucking jerk.
by Nick Hanson August 31, 2006
a boy who likes to say "your mom's face" a lot
Dylan you are such a jerk!
by garb master March 18, 2005
a retard who cant stop talking about dildos and his friends wiener
hey have you seen the jerk he owes me ten dollars
by jhh3 January 15, 2009
a fieser of the girl persuasion
The jerk will be joining us tomorrow for chicken wings at b-dubs.
by queerbot May 03, 2004
a word that some people use consistently. it's a habit and they just say it all the time. it may pop up at the most randoms moments, i guess it just flows off their tongue.
-"Haha this tv show is hilarious."

-"Pass me the water, JERK."

-"Damn it i missed the net"
by 0rla December 17, 2007

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