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person of greatness; beautiful woman with a great sense of humor. Loves her family, friends, and pets. Person of integrity. Very honest and trustworthy. She will be a great friend to you...
Jeri, dear friend
by such a great friendship February 03, 2010
1.)A derogatory word for an insubordinate black male.
2.)A black male that can't speak proper english, sells drugs, and acts like a thug.
Look at that fucking jeris.
by murda robinson October 29, 2003
Another term for an African-American. Derived from jeri-curl and jeri-rig. The term Jeri is most often used in a derogatory context in place of the word nigger.
Len: This neighbourhood sure is full of alot of Jeri's!

Scott: That's why we don't march our parades here after dark.
by KwameJones June 10, 2008