Jeremy McGrath

1.A Badass Motocross rider, 7 time Supercross Champion. Known for doing Nac-Nacs when he wins on the Final Lap lead to his nickname "Showtime".
He almost went Undefeated in 1996.
Also made a really great video in the 90s to the song Disconnected by Face to Face.

2. When you Beat the defending Supercross Champion in your Rookie Year.

3. When you get the holeshot at the start of the race and keep the lead.
1. Dude that guy just almost went Undefeated he only lost at St.Louis.

2. Whoa Ryan Dungey just pulled a Jeremy McGrath and beat Stewart.

3. I just pulled and Jeremy McGrath and took the holeshot and won!
by The King, Showtime November 20, 2010
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