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The name of the most wonderful man in the universe. Absolutely handsome and the epitome of sexy, Jeremy knows how to please his woman and never fails. She will never tire of hearing his sweet, velvety voice, and it will always hurts to let him go for the night. His kisses will always put butterflies in her stomach, his gentle touch will always send shivers through her body, and his laugh will always bring warmth to her heart. If he wants a smile on your face, he'll put one there in a heartbeat. He is hilarious, exciting, enthusiastic, and probably the smartest man you will ever meet- a living, breathing, walking Ask Jeeves. Jeremy is also strong and selfless. He has been through things that would be considered unbearable to the average man, but through his tragedies he continues to keep others above himself, always wearing that intoxicating smile on his face. He knows how to be kind without being a pushover and knows how to be assertive without making enemies. He is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Perfection. Once you have a taste of him, you'll never want to let go- and I never plan to.
My heart is taken by Jeremy Burgess.
by yentruoc January 28, 2014

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