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The ability to manipulate the english language into something that no one has ever seen. Through becomes throw. Two becomes too. Colts become Dolts. You get the picture.
"eye am pissed know becauze comeone kould steel my eyedenity!!!!"
The ability to mutilate the english language by impropertly using it in the correct context. Jerbonics can be controlled by attending school and learning to read/write before the age of 15. If not caught early, can lead to obesity and the uncontrollable urge to pleasure one with foreign objects.

"that his the question isn't it." ....his = is

"I'm frantically typing hear. Shenequa is flying around up here."....hear=here

I could go on and on....but will stop the bleeding now.
"I was giving myself the "shocker" and accidentally went Jerbonics on this email"
#jerbonics #ghetto #wyandotte #hoodrat #nusucks
by BigDaddyV January 13, 2006
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