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The cutest, sweetest, greatest guy in the whole world. He is characterized by excess fur on his chest and large claws.
No one is as wonderful, or furry, as Jerbear.
by Katydid555 May 02, 2005
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1. A handsome, lovable male who is adored by everyone they meet.
2. Known by many to be kind, however when they feel threatened, or when one of their loved ones is threatened, they turn into a grisly bear.
"He's such a gentleman."
"no, he's a Jer Bear."

"He's the sweetest guy I know."
"So he's a Jer Bear."
by Angello815 November 08, 2007
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Coolest being in the world.
Wow, Jerbear is so cool!
by Elaine March 12, 2004
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1. A bear that can/could/will donkey punch your ass
2. Someone named Jerry that loves to gives hugs or when people hug someone named Jerry they will simply fall in love due to the feeling of hugging a bear
1. Dude, watch out its a Jerbear!
2. I'd love a Jerbear right now!
by jerry funkin berries May 15, 2006
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(1) a little-known, worldwide legendary being that would make Chuck Norris wet himself.

(2) it can also be used as an expression of fear or excitement
(1) Jer Bear was sent to iraq on the frontlines with only 500 bullets... he killed 500 men.

when Jer Bear was in the woods, a grizzly bear came up to attack him-- Jer Bear looked at the bear and said "no" in a calm voice... the bear ran away.

(2) "AHH! Jer Bear!!"
by VHull August 05, 2007
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A fuzzy creature that likes to wear Harry Potter shirts. Usually sits on the dark cold side of the street stalking Western females.
Look at that creepy Jer Bear over there, he's stalking Jen West.
by Ibjrbr May 21, 2009
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America's First American Bad Ass. Remembered for spray painting penis's on garages in 8th grade. Is now currently being signed to atlantic records with a 2 million dollar signing bonus. Is still wanted in colorado for killing a man AND fighting a bear itself.
jer bear doesn't need to go to college cause he's getting a 2 mil signing bonus
by Big Cock Donn February 18, 2005
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