1. a name that was invented for a child with to many names
A. james
B. jim
C. jimmy
D. ryan
E. J.R.
F. loser
G. lesbein

2. if you slur J and R together

Jer: If you think about it all guys are lesbein
Tom: What the fuck???
Nick: Jer you can go be lesbein over there

-Dedicated to Steve and Gabe
by tom nelson September 29, 2005
Top Definition
A smooth operater with a keen sense of style, a pimped out lifestyle and all the ladies.
"Dude, Checkout that Jer over there."
"Damn. Now all the ladies be all over hims."
by Mohammed Mustabe September 28, 2004
A slang for penis in Cantonese.
1. Your jer is small.
2. I would like to suck your jer.
by 4no April 09, 2006
A word that started circulating in Toledo, Ohio around the Fall of 2008. It can mean something good, bad or in certain extreme circumstances to have sexual intercourse. The word can be written as 'Jers', 'Jirs', or 'Jurs'.
Person A: "Hey dude, I got a sweet new ride today."
Person B looks at the new car.
Person B: "Jers!"

Person A: "Damn son, I got a 31% on my Accounting Exam".
Person B: "Jers!"

Person A: "I wanna kick it tonight but I can't."
Person B: "Well, why not?"
Person A: "Because I got this broad I met a few days ago coming over tonight."
Person B: "What do you two have planned?"
Person A: "Oh, I dunno, we're probably gonna Jers."
Person B: "Jers!"
by 'Noxious April 16, 2009
The most awesome person alive. That guy that you can't remember except that he was really good in the sack. The ultimate ladies man and ghetto pimp. If you are lucky enough to have a Jer go ahead and treasure it.
Girl:Hey i had a Jer last night!
Girl: No way me to!
by Branden O February 06, 2009
the jer is a unforseen object/being that roams the land. usually hiding in pockets. can also be found buried in forests.

the jer is utilized to obtain maximum vagina within chitown region
wheres the jer? oh its in my pocket

i buried the jer in the forest
by yosterr4 October 24, 2011
its a name and means Jusn Evol Rytr from Keepn graff Alive KrU which is a graffiti artist from Modesto CA. which he is smooth with the ladies and in the sack.
you would see Jer bombed all over the city and n.99 freeway if you you to pass thru Modesto CA
by jankie jey aka Justin Evolrytr November 30, 2013
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