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Jeppe is the meaning to life, he is basically the white version of a nigga. He likes fried chicken, has a huge cock and knows how to have friends. He is doomed to have so much sex its scary, every person alive wants to fuck him. He gets to have so much sex he is going to die because of it
Hi im Jeppe
Hello im Jeppe
by WhiteyMcCracker October 12, 2011
Jeppe is a sex god and he is the greatest person to ever walk on this earth.
Nobody can be better then a guy named Jeppe.

True story...
by Stjernen March 04, 2011
Jeppe is a father type and wants to have a lots of children when he get's older. He is very smart and the word is Hebraic for Jacob. A Jeppe is very fun and is a good person to play trivial pursuit with. He know all the answers.

Jeppe can also means yep.
Person 1: "Hey Allan do you get the icecreame?"
Allan: "Jeppe"
by moondelight February 04, 2010

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