a tiny, adorable female. can be found with booty shorts singing a danity kane, dawn, or day 26 song. has an extremely loud laugh. she helps out others in need always. has some type of OCD when it comes to cleaning. amazing person
That girl is so Jensen.
by zebramonster April 01, 2009
Jensen's are beautiful and talented people, very smart and would always be there for you. Usually have really hot boyfriends (but not according to there best friends). Very smart, Usualy 90% avreage (even though they aren't). Loyal to their friends, especially their best friends. Can be loyal in a relashionship, and will never cheat. Aren't generally the types to say "i love you," unless they truthfully mean it. Jensen's are the types of general females to not be comfortable with how they look or how they are, even though they are wonderful.
Jensen, beautiful, talented, smart, loyal, wonderful, female, truthful.
by 22334@@/////**&&* July 09, 2011
To fax your own penis through a fax machine.
Holy crap, that guy just jensened.
by Alex Forkstealer January 21, 2006
A sandwich made from the butt-end of the bread with one piece of meat. Usually consumed when there's nothing else to eat and you're really hungover.
Man I drank way too much last night, I need a Jensen.
by grande1234 September 18, 2013
A stoner...weed all day everyday
Dude, I'm becoming a Jensen.
by whaaaaaaa July 21, 2009
A Jensen is a girl who is beautiful. wonderful, amazing, and sweet. She is one of the best people you'll ever meet because she cares and is such a good friend, to everyone! She hates scary movies, but loves using her pedophile face. A Jensen is someone you need to be friends with.
Person 1- "Who is that girl using that creepy pedophile face?"
Person 2- "Thats a Jensen!"

Person 1- "Jensen is so sweet!"
Person 2- "I know, I'm glad I'm her friend!"
by Jensenstwinzy<33 January 02, 2012
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