An amazing girl who doesn't realise how much every boy likes her and how much of a great personality she has, she is usually blonde with blue eyes and no mother fucker can mess with her, she is amazing and is a intelligent girl who's blue eyes are as blue as the sky and her personality is as bright as the sun and although most people are just friends with her she deserves to end up with someone as amazing as she is. She is just cool and will always stay true to who she is.
Person 1:wow she is awesome.
Person 2: ikr I really want Jenny to notice me
by cjf32 November 20, 2013
The most beautiful girl in the world. No other girl comes close in comparison, and there is no one else i would rather be with ever... shes the best<3
Jenny is the best and i love her so much<3 a.k.a cupcake<3
by thatguymike August 02, 2009
Brown hair, lucious lips, HOT HOT HOTTIE!
she loves long walks on the beach
and going out to dinner ;)
BUbble baths are her fav!
My friends name is Jenny!
by HannahMayMay February 03, 2009
most pretty, caring, cute, friendly, and an bets friend she looks just like me she is 12 turning 13 she is the most nice gurl i know love her
there is jenny
by Da$ha99 November 18, 2012
A wonderful person. She will always make you smile, and she's so nice to everyone! Shes talented and athletic, and she's absolutely gorgeous and incredible. She's so sweet, and is an amazing friend. Even if you're having a bad day, she's always there to pick you up when you're down. I love her so much.

Hop.en.di.ess Forever.
"Who's that girl?"

"Which one, the one who seems like he should be an angel? That's Jenny!"

"Oh! Wow, I wish I was friends with her."
by Jess xxxxxxx March 10, 2013
Looks good in photos
dayum, that jenny looks fune
by anonymousbootybitch September 16, 2013
a hot, amazing, popular girl who everyone wants but no one can have. usually blonde with blue eyes. has lots to offer. good in bed, athletic, smart. she has many followers but does not boast upon them. stylish and tan. boys drool over her but she doesn't give half of them the time of day. when she likes a boy she usually ruins it by playing it down so much. confident and happy with who she is and overall a person that everyone wants to be around all the time.
dude there's Jenny, I'm gonna go try to tap that!

um no dude I like her

lets face it she doesn't like either of us
by Hayden Triala April 21, 2013

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