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A beautiful young girl with amazing potential. She is a once-in-a-lifetime type of friend and losing her would make ANYONE cry. She's pretty-much amazing.
Shawn: I like this girl... Taylor: Get some. Shawn: She's a Jenny. Taylor: Damn dude, she's perfect.
by F!erce92 April 25, 2009
579 610
The person you call when you realize you need to start losing weight
"Have you called Jenny yet?"
by DonkeyRiver April 03, 2008
1075 1116
Forest Gump's childhood friend who ends up getting AIDS and dies.
Jenny from the movie Forest Gump.
by ms.infomation December 07, 2009
156 207
A term derived from the movie "Forrest Gump" featuring Tom Hanks. It comes from his memorable phrase of, "I love you Jenny" and has now become a slang term for someone with special needs or mental retardation.
Wow dude you are a real Jenny for not realizing 2+2=4
by Shloup June 19, 2013
6 61
A female donkey or an ass. ( According to Wikipedia )
Person A : Hey 'Jenny''.
Jenny: ... Hi ?
by iMomoplay May 01, 2009
114 169
Another word for Genitals
"Oh god you kicked me in the jennies and they are now shattered!
by Sparks January 27, 2004
27 82
Phoenitic pronunciation of genis. Genital Warts.
Don't fuck Stephanie, that bitch has the jennys!
by Mighty B February 22, 2006
13 70