A term derived from the movie "Forrest Gump" featuring Tom Hanks. It comes from his memorable phrase of, "I love you Jenny" and has now become a slang term for someone with special needs or mental retardation.
Wow dude you are a real Jenny for not realizing 2+2=4
by Shloup June 19, 2013
A Jenny is a girl who is full of passion and compassion.
Love, care, hope and faith. A Jenny is when you see a drop dead gorgeous girl, who gets all the guys jaws to drop.

A Jenny is always nice and kind, they have a smile that can make any pain go away. They are known to care for everyone around them, always taking their own time and offering it to help someone, setting their time aside.

A Jenny can't hold there emotions in for long before you know something is wrong. But if a Jenny is happy, you know it from the start. A Jenny is very enthusiastic, magical girl who can set any guys heart on fire.
A Jenny can steal anyones heart, but they save them selfs for those who deserve them.
Dude#1 " Wow man did you see that girl!?! she was GORGEOUS"

Dude#2 "One word for that my friend, Jenny."
by Slatherage March 12, 2010
Jenny is a awkward but love-able girl that once you get to know, you just cant hate. She might come off as odd but that is her sense of humor (which is hilarious). Jenny dresses/acts as she likes and doesnt care what people think and this makes her all the more bomb. Overall, jenny is the kind of person you want to be around; she makes a great, fun friend. SHE ROCKS.
Dude 1-"Dude wish i didnt care what people think."
Dude 2-"NBD dude hit up Jenny for some pointers."
Dude 1-"iight playah sounds like a plan."
by Scrap Kid December 16, 2010
A nice yet beautiful girl who is funny, witty, amazing. A sensitive, loving, sweet, caring girl. If you meet a Jenny, it means that you've just met the most wonderful girl ever made.
Jenny seemed like a nice person. Thanks for introducing us. Do you have her number?
by Mazza ROX! April 03, 2010
A very kind, considerate, loving and kinky girl! She manages to balance kinky and caring very well. She also likes to party!!! =P
Jenny= good m8, a nice person, a good laugh and a very caring person.
by no my friend.. who are YOU? July 21, 2009
(jen-knee) n. nice, caring, loving, bitch at times, beautiful (LOL, not really, i just think i'm okay looking), kind, friendly, sometimes loves to swear once in a while, loves to be colorless, a great dresser (well at least tries.), likes alot of things that most people wouldn't obsess over, weird, random, makes a large-mungious amount of friends everywhere she goes, shes ballin' with that moolah every once in a while, shes a really great person whom you wouldn't want to pass up to meet, and she may be one of the most psychotic person in your life span. So don't pass up on her and meet her, even though she loves to scare people like saying "make babies on the floor" or "i'll squish your pupil with my thumb forcing pressure into your eyeballs" or "i'll kick your balls with my skates on untill it gets cut off" she's a greattt person to meet! oh and she's a pro at being a bacon ninja! plus she loves hugs!!!

oh... I think thats Jenny Luu *looks over at the area where they're pointing at.* LMFAO YEP! THAT'S HER ALRIGHT! YOU CAN TELL BECAUSE SHE'S ALSO HOLDING BACON IN HER HAND! LMFAOOO.
by Jenny Luu by Jenny Luu September 02, 2008
the coolest person ever
Jenny loves the Junester
by jenny319 August 13, 2011
Jenny is a sweet girl. Usually famous and popular. She has alot of friends and a donovan likes her . Infact donovans Love her.
Dude ! i saw a jenny today she seemed popular
by Johnny wisdom May 07, 2010

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