A term derived from the movie "Forrest Gump" featuring Tom Hanks. It comes from his memorable phrase of, "I love you Jenny" and has now become a slang term for someone with special needs or mental retardation.
Wow dude you are a real Jenny for not realizing 2+2=4
by Shloup June 19, 2013
An Angel, she's kind, caring; thinking of others always before herself. The epitome of selflessness. She gets up while it is still dark to prepare food for her loved ones. She keeps a candle burning in the window always. Her hands are ever ready to serve others and she gives without a seconds thought. She is as gorgeous as a jewel on the inside as well as on the outside, a true goddess among women. Love is not an art to her. It is life to her.

Any man should count himself truly blessed to have found such a woman as she is one of a kind.
Jenny is pretty amazing!
by Mr.Sleight April 26, 2016
Cute Name and actually the best Girlfriend you can have. Jenny is always there for you. She smiles every second in her life. Is the most beautiful Girl in the World. Every Boy dreams to have a Jenny for himself. She always knows how to make you smile, even when you're mad. As you can see, she is a pretty awesome Girl.
A: Hey man your Girl is cute! What's her name?
B: Thanks! That's Jenny, she is just the most amazing Girl ever!
by Lors May 07, 2016
A Vietnamese girl with an accent that LOVES pickles, but not in the way that you're thinking. Gets REALLY angry over small things, even if it was an accident. She can be really sweet but if you're mean to her, YOU WILL REGRET IT.
"I heard that Jenny just punched someone for stealing her pickle."

"Really? Omg."
"Yeah, but i gave her mine to make up for it. We're friends now."
by Direct_at&t_ spectrum May 21, 2016
a dumb whore. someone who thinks they know everything & they always want what they cant have.

someone who uses people & pretends they are friends with them. usually they are tall & lanky
look at that nasty jenny

if shes lanky- she must be a jenny
by bereallll3 October 06, 2011
a female donkey
a stallion and a jenny makes a retarded mule.
better breed a jackass and mare for that.
by jesar April 08, 2011
NOT SHORT FOR JENNIFER. the name you're looking for is 'jenni' for fuck sake.
'hi whats your name?'
'jenny. :)'
'oh as in jennifer?'

by hiya. :] February 07, 2010
A jenny is the term used to describe a female ass or donkey. Occasionally, a female mule is referred to as a jenny, but more often, the term "molly," "mare" or "mule mare" is used. In western Canada, the term "jennet" is sometimes used instead of "jenny," though the term Jennet usually refers to a type of horse popular in the Middle Ages. One archaic term for a jenny was "she-ass." An intact male donkey is called a "Jack."
My Jenny is very protective of her foal
by TheWiseNinja February 03, 2010
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