A term derived from the movie "Forrest Gump" featuring Tom Hanks. It comes from his memorable phrase of, "I love you Jenny" and has now become a slang term for someone with special needs or mental retardation.
Wow dude you are a real Jenny for not realizing 2+2=4
by Shloup June 19, 2013
A girl who acts like a true sister. She may not be blood line relatives, but she will care for you no matter what, even when hated she will love you. She tends to fall for the wrong type, but in the end she will never give up on someone she loves. She's socially active but naughty at times. She's got a big booty too! She gets very intimate with people and she will play around. She will trust you very easily and she will do anything to bring you happiness. She loves everyone and can have her depressed moments, but she will always overcome them for the right of others. She sacrifices her own to let someone else be happy, and she will always be there for you. She is a dork and a nerd, but everyone will love that quality about her. She is fairly beautiful but will never believe it. She is out going and active and enjoys the oddest things as well as being crazy. She is lovable and adorable and will always be your true friend.
Chris: Woah did you see that girl?
Dylan: Yup thats Jenny and look at the big booty!!
Chris: She's damn perfect!
Dylan: Back off bro she's mine!
by jjso December 20, 2014
Is the shorter version of Jennifer, which means beautiful girl
what is your name?
Beautiful girl otherwise known as Jenny
by CB2114 June 12, 2008
High grade ecstasy (MDA) pills or crystals or powder of nearly pure MDA. Crystals are often sky blue, light purle, or white to off white in appearance. May contain MDMA, but is mostly MDA. Other names include matrix ecstasy, sky, and glitch-E.
This is the best Jenny ever! I had the beat roll ever! Awesome desert rave! Sure beats that molly crap.
by CognitiveFuel April 08, 2015
A patronising cow that will gladly share information about being on her period with any unwilling passer-bys. Desperate and annoying.

She does have a good swagger, however her run is like a disabled donkey on crack cocaine.
Get out of the way, she's doing the Jenny run!
by Samuel McGuffin November 25, 2011
1. Has IQ as high as a crayon.

2. Looks like a monkey
3. A feminine version of Jesus
1. "Wow you got a 50 out of 100 on your test? You're such a Jenny!"
2. "Look at that cute Jenny swinging on the vines."
3. "I have to pray to Jenny tonight"
by kdeeezy raachcakes December 05, 2013
Name black guys give to white women. Because lots of white women are named Jenny.
Im tired of these black chicks. Lets go to the north side and get some Jenny's tmrw.
by Slam bammer. July 27, 2011
Usually a mid-40's woman with an abnormally expanded vagina, mostly due to being an active prostitute MILF and having kids with large heads.
Yeah, we were about to do it, but she was a Jenny so I declined.
by Alex_G_16 March 29, 2011
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