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A term derived from the movie "Forrest Gump" featuring Tom Hanks. It comes from his memorable phrase of, "I love you Jenny" and has now become a slang term for someone with special needs or mental retardation.
Wow dude you are a real Jenny for not realizing 2+2=4
by Shloup June 19, 2013
6 61
A girl whom you think is really nice to begin with. Then you realise that she doesn't give a damn about you or anyone else, she cares only about herself. While she is loyal to her family, she never thinks about others. She won't tell you her secrets, she is never organised and she's always hanging around with people other than her "best friends" since she doesn't care about any of them. Watch out for these girls. They may appear funny and loyal but they are only in it for themselves.
Jill : Oh have you spoken to the new girl next?
Jane : Oh yeah, she seems like a complete Jenny :/
Jill : Darn, I thought she looked so funny and friendly. . .
by pyjamafish March 11, 2011
348 165
Name black guys give to white women. Because lots of white women are named Jenny.
Im tired of these black chicks. Lets go to the north side and get some Jenny's tmrw.
by Slam bammer. July 27, 2011
156 29
definately the most attractive person!
loving, caring, sweet & thoughtful.
Always tries to help, but gets it all thrown back in her face!
always put second best, but none the less is very much loved!
WOW! I wish i was a Jenny!
by not a jenny August 26, 2008
1359 1269
Is the shorter version of Jennifer, which means beautiful girl
what is your name?
Beautiful girl otherwise known as Jenny
by CB2114 June 12, 2008
2215 2125
a female donkey
a stallion and a jenny makes a retarded mule.
better breed a jackass and mare for that.
by jesar April 08, 2011
286 210
A jenny is the term used to describe a female ass or donkey. Occasionally, a female mule is referred to as a jenny, but more often, the term "molly," "mare" or "mule mare" is used. In western Canada, the term "jennet" is sometimes used instead of "jenny," though the term Jennet usually refers to a type of horse popular in the Middle Ages. One archaic term for a jenny was "she-ass." An intact male donkey is called a "Jack."
My Jenny is very protective of her foal
by TheWiseNinja February 03, 2010
171 163
When you see a FREAKING HOTT girl and you friend ask you what you would rate her from 1-10 and you just say jenny(witch means 100,000,000,000)
Bob: Dude look at the girl over there! what would you rate her between 1-10??

Kyle: That is a Jenny right there!!!!
by Jenny:) September 14, 2008
1544 1549