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Someone who is very very cool, trendy and amazing!!!!!! :D she likes formula one, reading and can really pick awesome friends! (especially Tilly) She has shiny long hair and she is worshiped by Saheba. She is a serious boy magnet and she has a not-so secret admirer who is completely head over heels for her even though she hates his guts. She's very quiet and sensible unless you know her - then she is VERY immature and VERY loud! She has an adorable sneeze which completely contrasts her personality and she often giggles like a little school girl.
P1: Hey, did anyone see the formula one last night?

Jenny: yeah, it was a pretty good race, Alonso won and Webber came in second.

P1: *GASP*

Jenny: *sneeze*

P1: what was that?

Tilly: oh just jenny savage sneezing

P1: really?? it sounding like a chorus of singing soprano fairies!!
by xlollyx1 December 04, 2012
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